Aisling provides all young people access to learning, the right training and positive work opportunities to achieve / experience personal success. We are focused in providing the best quality of education for all young people placed in our care. Education programmes will be set out within placement plans, so that they can be put into place, before each young person"s placement begins. All emergency referrals/placements will have education programmes in place within 14 days.

Our Principal of Education, will oversee each young persons Educational plan, working together / in partnership with key-workers, local schools, training centres and local authorities.

Where possible, parents and significant others are encouraged to show a positive interest in each young persons education and achievements.

Aisling provides home-tutoring and individual tuition from qualified tutors, for those young people who do not attend, or who have been suspended / excluded from mainstream school. Each young person will follow a personal education plan to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum.

Young people have their own study desk in their rooms, with good light and comfortable surroundings. Young people have access to a house computer and are encouraged to use the local library.

We understand the importance of creating a positive and caring home study environment. By providing a secure and nurturing home, we hope to develop/enhance each young person"s self-esteem and confidence in what they can achieve.

All care staff are sensitive in understanding that many of the young people that we care for may lack confidence in their abilities to learn, may have significant gaps in their schooling, due to lack of attendance, and may have a poor self-image / negative past experiences relating to school and learning.

We aim to develop ambition and support young people to achieve their full potential by facilitating a positive and successful approach towards education and learning.

All young people are supported by care-staff in their individual educational programmes.

We believe that all young people have the ability to learn, and with the right support and guidance, can achieve success. We believe that education and learning are constant and ongoing, and that it can take place in a variety of settings, often outside the classroom.

We aim to provide all young people with a sense of purpose, with hope and ambition for the future.

We help each young person to be fully prepared for adult life, with the relevant qualifications to gain employment.

Before school leaving age, key-workers will provide young people with information regarding further education and training opportunities. They will also help each young person in finding employment or work experience, and support them in their chosen careers. Aisling has established a good link with local careers agencies and training centres.

Key-workers work together with schools and colleges to discuss each young person"s progress. Key-workers and all care-staff will encourage attendance and emphasize the importance of good-timekeeping. Education will be discussed and reviewed weekly, as part of the weekly progress report and support plan.

We enable each young person to learn age appropriate life-skills with their key-workers, to help with their transition into independent living. This is part of our aftercare support plan, which is reviewed monthly.

Our key workers help young people to learn about health education, the importance of a balanced diet and physical fitness. Out-door activities and interest in different sports is always encouraged.

We also understand the importance of social and personal development. We teach young people to respect and value themselves, to respect others and to be socially aware and understanding towards different religions and cultures.

We teach good moral values, helping young people to make a positive contribution to the community.

We enable young people to take positive steps now, in order to be successful in the future.