About Us

Aisling Homes was established during March 2001 with the opening of Aisling, an eight bed children's home in Lee, south east London. Aisling ('Ash - ling') means 'a vision'- our vision of the care we wish to offer to young people. Our aim is to provide children with a safe, comfortable home from which they may be prepared to return to their family home, to move on to live with an alternative family, or an alternative placement.

Our Home

Horizon Home

Horizon House provides a high level of quality residential care for young people. The accommodation is funished and decorated to an extremely high standard. All young people are accommodated in single rooms with en-suite facilities. Our aim is to provide young people with a safe, comfortable home from which they may be prepared to return to their family home, move to live with an alternative family or move to their own independent home. The staff team at Horizon House are dedicated to achieving the best possible outcomes for all young people in care. This is achieved by flexible interventions delivered through dynamic individual work underpinned by detailed assessment of their individual needs. This allows packages of care to be developed that meet the holistic needs of the young person.

We strive to work in partnership with young people, their family and social workers. We treat all residents and individuals with specific needs to be addressed as set out in their Care Plan and Placement Plan. Young people living at Horizon House will be supported to become active participants in the decision making process including young people's meetings and care plans.

Aisling Homes prides itself on a vision that characterises their child care practices and their abilities and skills in building and developing effective relationships with young people, parents and carers. Our staff team are highly motivated. Some of the innovations we use will include task centred and therapeutic crisis intervention. The team will specialise in the care of young people who are experiencing challenging behaviour. We are proud of our track record for providing positive outcomes for those in care and expect that Horizon House will be a leading provider of best practice in residential care. Education is a priority. Our objective is to have all children in mainstream education. For any child that is not in mainstream education we have a qualified teacher on staff who will follow recommended syllabuses within the home.


We promote outdoor activities as part of our education. Activities that are on offer are camping, hill walking, horse riding, swimming, GAA soccer, fishing, drama, arts, crafts and more.